With over 25 years of experience in corporate leadership, Regina M. Noriega has established herself as a highly regarded expert in digital strategy.

As a former Head of Digital for the #1 Beauty & Cosmetics brand on television and e-commerce, Regina has a proven track record of driving growth and success for her clients and billion dollar brands.

Regina's extensive background in paid acquisition, social media, influencer & affiliate marketing, online reputation management, brand marketing, communications, and public relations has allowed her to excel in a range of industries, from technology and CPG, to beauty & health and wellness.

Regina has leveraged her skills as a consultant and corporate executive both nationally and internationally, making her a highly sought after leader the digital space.

Regina's passion for empowering women and her expertise in digital marketing have come together to create EverydaySHEROE, an NFT project dedicated to honoring the unsung SHEROEs in our communities and promoting diversity and equality in the NFT space.

But the roots of EverydaySHEROE go beyond Regina's corporate experience.

The brand was inspired by Regina's mother, Aurora, a tireless Filipino immigrant who raised two children while working as a full-time forensic scientist and pursuing her passions in design and real estate.

Regina created EverydaySHEROE to honor her mother and the many incredible women who serve as role models to young women and people around the world.

From policewomen to firefighters, scientists to teachers, farmers to military women, and nurses, EverydaySHEROE aims to celebrate and empower the EverydaySHEROEs in all of us. 

To learn more about Regina, visit her Linkedin profile.