Founder, Regina M. Noriega, former Head of Digital for the #1 Beauty & Cosmetics brand on Television and e-commerce, is an award winning Digital Strategist and a life long believer and supporter of women and equality projects.

As a California State University Fullerton Liberal Arts major with a double minor in Minority Group Relations and Women's Studies, and an UCLA Graduate from the Professional Program of Screenwriting, Regina has always been passionate about the arts, female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Regina has used her digital marketing prowess as a growth marketer leading start ups ranging from technology to CPG, FMCG to beauty & health and wellness. As a highly regarded brand strategist in paid acquisition, social media, influencer & affiliate marketing, online reputation management, brand marketing, communications and public relations, Regina has worked on both the international and national level as a consultant and corporate executive. In her spare time, Regina has built her social influence on Instagram, Yelp, Linkedin, Twitter and TikTok.

After researching the NFT space in the summer of 2021, Regina realized there was a lack of diversity, specifically in GENX, Asian women, leading and creating meaningful NFT projects.

EVERYDAYSHEROE was inspired by Regina's amazing almost 80 year old mother Aurora who as a Filipino immigrant worked tirelessly balancing being a mother of two children, working as a full time Forensic Scientist and at the same time pursuing design and real estate opportunities.

Regina created EVERYDAYSHEROE as a project to honor Aurora and the many incredible women, moms, grandmas, policewomen, firefighters, scientists, teachers, farmers, military women and nurses that are and will continue to be role models to many young women and people throughout the world.

To learn more about Regina, visit her Linkedin profile.