NFTs 101

What is the difference between the ALLOW LISTING price versus the Public Price?

The ALLOW LIST price, is for friends and family and will be significantly lower than the public price.

What do we have to do to get on the ALLOW LIST?

To get on the ALLOW LIST we require the following actions:

  • #1Send us your wallet address via our CONTACT US form
  • #2 Promote that you got on the EverydaySHEROE ALLOW LIST on your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok) and tag us 
  • #3 Follow us on Instagram, Twitter & Tik Tok and like, retweet and comment on posts daily
  • #4 Day of minting change your profile pictures on social channels
  • #5 Post on your social feeds that you were one of the lucky ones that go an EVERYDAYSHEROE 

Is there a limit of how many NFTs I can buy in the ALLOW LIST phase?

During this phase you can buy as many as you NFTs you like as there are no set limits.

What does an NFT project mean?

NFTs can mean different things to different categories and their industries.

NFTs can be original works of arts, self portraits, music, trading cards, collectibles, concerts, events, etc..

Am I guaranteed to make money off this project?

There are no guarantees that anyone will make money or profits off investing in any NFTs, NFT projects, the stock market, real estate etc.

We encourage that you research the NFT space, the projects and the value that NFT project brings to the community.

Are NFTs only good if your a crypto or millennial investors?

NFTs are accessible to everyone or every age and generation that wants to learn and grow in this new space.

Are there any good NFT videos you can recommend?

There are so many good videos, long and short on Youtube. Take the time to go to youtube and search for NFT explainer videos.

Where on social media can I learn about NFTs?

To explain the NFT art market to interested family and friends, several months ago, we created a TIKTOK account called @nftnewsbytes which has article links of popular NFT trending projects and stories. In the first 60 days, we gained 2,000 followers and our videos were played and viewed over 1,000,000 times. In addition, visit Twitter and Discord are also excellent social media platforms to check out.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is like your bank account for where you store your cryptocurrency. There are different platforms and currencies used for NFTs.

We suggest you start with a Coinbase account and explore Ethereum.

To start a Coinbase account and learn how to receive $10 in Bitcoin start your account here

What is Ethereum ?

To buy Ethereum, start a Coinbase account and learn how to receive $10 in Bitcoin start your account here

Do Your Research on NFTs !

There is so much out there! Just like anything you would purchase, take your time to research artists and collections that you love.

Get a Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is where you keep your Ethereum and NFTs.  The wallet that is most used is MetaMask. Follow the instructions, write down your keys and passwords and NEVER give them to anyone. It’s very important that your wallet stays safe.

How big is the NFT space?

Last year, the NFT space produced $ $24.9 billion in sales, 2022 is projected to even be a bigger year.